Romantic natural light bridal portraits. San Francisco, California.These are the BEST photos anyone has ever taken of me! (Having [the groom] in them makes them even better, of course.)  This was a truly inspired wedding gift– not only the photos, but the whole photo shoot too, which gave us a couple of hours of playful fun (with Vero telling us how beautiful we are!!) in the middle of the chaotic pre-wedding panic. WOW.

–Jessica L.

Stinson Beach Lifestyle Family Portrait PhotographyVero Kherian is such a talented photographer, and with her warm encouragements she brought out the beauty in our family. . . . [M]y family is so happy to have been included in this talented, creative, and warm hearted woman’s portfolio. If anyone is thinking of having photos done, you definitely should talk to [Vero]. She will not only take beautiful photos but she’ll make you feel beautiful inside too!

–Chuck K.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for your fine work on our photos. You’ve got a great practice. Your cueing/prompting during the session was very helpful. You scoped out the spot, helping you to have ideas in advance. [. . .] I’d say it was the best photo shoot we’ve done yet.

–Bobby and Karissa

San Francisco portrait photography. verokherian.com.Not only does Vero possess amazing skill behind the camera, but her gentle personality and kindness gave me the best experience. Not only did she make me feel confident and beautiful, but we had fun as well! She is a true artist, and approaches each session with creativity and enthusiasm.”

–Sarah V.


San Francisco creative portrait photography.


It sincerely was such a pleasure to shoot with Vero!  She has a beautifully natural artistic sensibility and is one of the kindest and most thoughtful photographers I’ve ever worked with.  Her warmth and consideration make her a great collaborator.

–Giovanna H.

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  1. Nabiha

    The best photographer is a kind soul.
    & Vero makes the experience worthwhile.
    Thanks for an amazing shoot.