You Are, And You Are Beautiful

I had the great pleasure of photographing my dear friend Sarah, a talented costumer and opera singer. We met over a year ago, when we performed together in Leonard Bernstein’s Candide. Back then, she always said that she hated all photographs of herself. The next time we performed together, her words changed slightly to say that she loved all of the photos I took of her. Fast forward to today, where she not only was willing to be photographed for over an hour, she made her dress, did her hair and makeup, and drove to my house before dawn so we could find that perfect light for her portraits.

I did my best to capture that inner glow that makes her so special to everyone around her. Seeing her open up before my lens over time has been one of the most rewarding experiences as her friend and photographer, something I cherish greatly.

When people tell me they feel awkward or ugly in front of the camera, I always tell them that everyone has their own unique beauty, their unique spirit, and that is something to celebrate. There’s nothing to feel awkward about. They are, and they are beautiful. You are, and you are beautiful.

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