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My Family Photos–And Why You Should Print Yours!

For Thanksgiving, I headed to my mom’s house. There, along with my siblings, and some of our aunts, uncles, and cousins, we spent nearly a full week playing games and eating. We took a day to do family photos, though! As the years have gone on and I do more portrait work, we’ve done family photos together periodically. It has always been important for me to document my life as I live it, and being able to capture my own family is a way of documenting and also expressing my love for them. Even the fur members of the family […]

Northern California lifestyle photos and portraiture. Natural light outdoors photography.

Camping With Rad In Santa Cruz

In all my years of running a food blog, I’ve made many acquaintances, and one truly amazing friend, Rad of The Snobby Foodie. When she learned that I had never been camping in California, and that I had sworn it off years ago because of a couple of bad camping experiences, she and her boyfriend resolved to go with my husband and me. We ended up near Santa Cruz next to a gorgeous redwood forest where we hiked, ate a ton of delicious food, took star photos at midnight, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Rad and her boyfriend completely made the […]

Northern California outdoors camping and lifestyle photos. Vero Kherian

Playful Golden Hour Family Photos

Hello, my friends! As my husband and I get ready to go on a pretty amazing (I hope!) Yukon Territory trip in a couple weeks, so I am trying to close out the year and share with you all the stuff that’s been keeping me busy these past months. The end of the year is usually packed with family time, and this year has been no different. I was so glad to have the chance to photograph C + M and their two daughters in time for their Christmas cards! C said to me, “This is the first time we’ve […]

SF Bay Area lifestyle family photography by Vero Kherian.

Capturing San Francisco Painter Caitlin In Her Studio

Globetrotting artist and tech industry leader Caitlin has been on my “cool people” list as long as I have known her. Ever since our college days, her aesthetic has been thoughtfully curated and wonderfully considered. Each of her oil paintings feature vibrant color palettes and careful compositions, while her subjects vary between still life, commissioned portraits, and landscape work. When she asked me to photograph her at work in her studio, I knew I wanted to do my absolute best to honor her process and her artistry. You can contact her about commissions on her painting website, or purchase other […]

Artist atelier photography in the SF Bay Area. by Vero Kherian.

Exploring Sutro Baths During Golden Hour

In San Francisco, I get to see a lot of out-of-town visitors because it is such a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. Last week, I got to see one of my oldest friends–not that she’s old–I met her when she was 8 years old and we were both heavily into the Irish step dancing circuit (She has competed at the World Championships!)! Not only that, this was her first time in San Francisco, so in our short time together, I knew I wanted to take her somewhere special. We made it to the Sutro Baths just […]

San Francisco lifestyle photography by Vero Kherian.

Dreamy Maternity Session at Ocean Beach

It’s been a long while since I took these maternity photos for C and C–their little one is nearly a year old now! I was SO worried that this session wouldn’t even happen at all. That day, we had heavy rains in San Francisco until about 20 minutes before our session was supposed to begin! Luckily, the sky opened up, and the result was a rather dreamy, surreal look on Ocean Beach. I love the contrast and popping colors in these photos–they are nearly as dramatic and memorable as C + C’s love for each other!

News: Purchase Prints Via Your Online Gallery!

Hello, my friends! Building my photography practice has been fast in some ways, and so slow in others! The importance of printing your photos is a subject I’ve touched on with all my clients. After all, if one day your hard drive dies, don’t you want to make sure you still have those memories you took the time to photograph? I’ve taken my time to find you the easiest, best quality printing options before offering them, but have finally found a great solution. I’m so happy to finally announce that you can now purchase prints of your session via your private online galleries. […]

San Francisco family lifestyle photography using natural light. By Vero Kherian.

The Human Connection and Photography

I am a relative newbie when it comes to photographing portraits, but with each click of the shutter, it is already clear to me why I love doing it. It’s not just about creating the most beautifully composed shot, or finding the most beautiful light. It’s really about connecting with my subject in a new way, one that is personal and revelatory for both subject and photographer. When I was growing up, I was a pretty shy person. I was even voted “most shy” in my senior chorus class. It remained that way until I started a law practice in San […]

SF bay area singer portraits and headshots.

The Sound of Inspiration

Right now, I feel change afoot—they’re all good changes, but I’m taking on many new creative projects in some new areas. Photographing my clients, all of whom are ambitious, active, passionate members of the community, helps me continually connect with incredible people and draw inspiration from them. Recently, I had the privilege of photographing Samuel Palmer, a San Francisco singer, yoga instructor, voice teacher, and sound healer. I had never experienced sound healing before, and was ready to give it a try. Who better to do it with than with someone I trust? The experience was, to sum it up briefly, […]

You Are, And You Are Beautiful

I had the great pleasure of photographing my dear friend Sarah, a talented costumer and opera singer. We met over a year ago, when we performed together in Leonard Bernstein’s Candide. Back then, she always said that she hated all photographs of herself. The next time we performed together, her words changed slightly to say that she loved all of the photos I took of her. Fast forward to today, where she not only was willing to be photographed for over an hour, she made her dress, did her hair and makeup, and drove to my house before dawn so we could find that perfect light for […]