About Vero

As a photographer, these are my promises to you: To capture you at your most beautiful. To tell your story through gorgeous images. To celebrate your spirit. To create an heirloom you and your loved ones can cherish for years to come.


Welcome to my website! I am a portrait photographer based in San Francisco. My life quest is to capture the beauty that lives within you, the spark that makes you unique. It is an endlessly fascinating journey. Every human has a special inner beauty, a unique story, and when you allow me, my camera, and the world to see it, we are all enriched by it.

In those small moments I am not thinking of photography, I am training to be an opera singer. Just like photography, this is another endlessly fascinating journey into mind and body. With the guidance of my AMAZING voice teacher, I am exploring the capacity of the human body, mind, and voice to capture emotion and share it with others. As with photography, singing takes you to the great depths and the heights of everything that makes us human.

If you have a photography project in mind, contact me on my Contact page to discuss planning and rates.

Image Copyright 2015 Yann Kherian.

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