Headshots For Attorney and Performer Adam

When San Francisco corporate attorney and singer Adam Bier contacted me about updating his website photos, I knew this would be a different kind of session. First off, he only wanted black and white images. He already loved his previous headshot, and wanted us to emulate the old image when shooting his new one. Second, he knew the exact expressions and qualities he wanted to convey in his images before even reaching out to me.

After going over his photography and branding needs, we decided to shoot on location near his office, where, by chance, a wonderful alley with richly textured walls offered a perfect photo spot.

Adam’s intensity shone through in his imagery, where I could feel he projected strength and resolve with a strong dose of distinction. I especially love that the final images had a strong antique photo feel, which lent itself to the timeless quality of the photos.

For his performing headshot, all we needed to do was turn around with Adam’s back to the busy streets of downtown San Francisco. The blinking lights, splashes of color, and motion added all the ambiance we needed.

Adam changed his  the day he received his final images, which I am going to take as a sign that he likes them!

I LOVE photographing with natural light when I can. You can get surprising bursts of creativity when working with what is available. Contact me if you’d like to consult about a headshot or lifestyle session for yourself.


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