Learning To Enjoy The Creative Journey

Sometimes, I, and I think many of us, are plagued with doubt about whether what we are creating is “good enough” or worthy of anyone’s appreciation. It’s not quite “imposter syndrome,” but it is tied to wanting to always offer the best work one can possibly create. When these periods of doubt come, I have been learning more and more that I need to embrace that mistakes are allowed, that they are learning experiences, and that through them I will grow as an artist and human. This is how I approach my photography and all of my creative and technical endeavors. I am so proud of the work I have done so far, but what fuels me is a desire to improve constantly. Sometimes that involves trying new types of photography, photographing new subjects, and experimenting with different techniques. I’ve even taken up drawing to try to improve my understanding of form, and am feeling rather out of my comfort zone.

Photography, like singing, like painting, like writing, or any other creative, technical endeavor, is a journey. It can occupy a lifetime. While we all strive for perfection, the journey is truly its own reward. Every milestone reached, however small, is a sign that you are evolving and more enriched by the process. Keep going, and you will find that you can achieve more than you thought possible.

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